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Greatness - A unity of Opposites


Kevin is the MD of Actuate a specialist change communication and employee marketing agency that works in SA's largest corporates using principles of HR, Change Management and Advertising & Marketing to align employees and leaders behind their organisations objectives.

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The concept of 'Greatness' first emerged from Friedrich Nietzhe's idea of 'ubermenslichtheid'. This idea influenced Carl Jung's work on archetypes. This aspiration for greatness is often hard to internalise for us 'normal' people, but by framing concept of Greatness is based on a dialectical model it become more accessible. Dialectical thinking is based on an inherent tension between two seemingly opposing points of a continuum, such as individualism and teamwork, control and autonomy, left brain and right brain, introverted and extroverted etc. From a symbolic perspective Nietzshe used the bow (as in bow and arrow) to describe this tension of two opposite points which requires great tension to shoot (be effective) at our target. Greatness is the process through all of these ‘opposites’ are synthesised in a clever, creative and mindful way.