Kiara Nirghin

Kiara Nirghin
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A problem? Try a solution.


Kiara is currently 17 years old, and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2016 Kiara had won the Google Science Fair and community impact award for the Middle East and Africa which awarded her a $50,000 scholarship after being able to travel to the Google Headquarters in California. After winning she has been placed on the Times and The Guardians top 30 most influential teens lists alongside many other influential teenagers in the world. She has also been featured in other international media such as Scientific American. She is currently a student ambassador for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and was nominated as a student leader for 2017 as part of the Three Dot Dash initiative. She has been invited as a speaker at TED talk, Forbes Women's events and been featured in various publications both in South Africa and worldwide as a result of her invention titled "No More Thirsty Crops." The idea stemmed from the fact that South Africa, which like other nearby counties, is suffering from the worst drought the region has seen in over 20 years. She believes that a critical solution to long term water needs is a special material that can hold hundreds of times their weight in water while stored within soil. She found an ideal material that won't hurt the budget, and through her research, she created a way to turn the material into soil- ready water storage. Kiara is currently continuing her research as a scientist and hopes to encourage other young scientists to similarly, make an impact on the world around them.