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Kurt Schroder
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Don’t compromise your art – Improve your business.


Kurt Schröder is a South African story teller, spoken word artist and business enthusiast. A Pretoria boy, Kurt has also lived and studied in France and China, while traveling extensively in between.

Kurt's poems and stories are inspired by his lived experiences, and are reflections on his wrestling with topics such as faith, hope, love, God, and humanity. 

With close friend Shae Leigh, Kurt founded Spoken Sessions in May 2012. Birthed out of a desire to invest in local talent, the mission of Spoken Sessions is to create platforms and places for Poets and Performers to grow and showcase their art.

As a performer, Kurt has shared the stage with international artists such as Ezekiel Azonwu (US), Jannetikz (US), Jackie Hill Perry (US), Preston Perry (US), Propaganda (US) and Harry Baker (UK). Kurt has also had his works published in "Home is Where The Mic is," a South African anthology of contemporary poetry (2014.)

It is Kurt's dream to create platforms and places for South African and international artists to collaborate and create together.