Lerisa Strydom

Lerisa Strydom
Talk Title
Classically Unashamed


In an era ruled by the Taylor Swift’s of this world, Lerisa Strydom is unashamed to be classical. This is not your “ lip, classic, thing that you like,” but rather a ballgown wearing, high notes singing, type of classic.

Lerisa started singing from an early age but found it challenging that the popular music did not suit her voice. She was and still is, extremely fond of music and it was difficult to for her to admit that she had a specific voice meant for specific music. However, when she sang her first classical piece, “Pie Jesu”, it changed her heart completely. It made her feel strong, unique... unashamed.

Music ignites her courage to be on stage and her training at the Lorraine Du Toit-Havemann academy lifted her to new heights. In 2014 Lerisa started studying Theology at the University of Pretoria. Thanks to the courage she found in music, she can publicly speak in front of many people.

Classical music still changes Lerisa’s life every day. When she feels self-conscious, she finds strength in her music. When she feels lost, she finds purpose in her music. And when she feels voiceless...she finds that voice in being classically unashamed.