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There is spinach in my fish pond.


Mariné is a soil- and agricultural scientist with twelve years consulting experience in the fields of soil, land use and agriculture in several African countries. She holds a BSc. Agriculture degree with specialisation in Plant Production and Soil Science from the University of Pretoria and a MSc in Environmental Science from the University of the Witwatersrand. In addition to this, she has attended a number of courses and conferences in Europe, Japan, the USA and Israel. Mariné is a contributing author of the report on the balance of natural resources between the mining industry and agriculture in South Africa.

Ideas Worth Spreading

Massive change often starts with very small beginnings. Marine’s talk is about embracing a tank full of rainwater as a great gift instead of letting it run away into a stormwater system. Design and implementation of proper rainwater harvesting systems can turn even a low cost housing unit into a production system that produces both fish and vegetables.