Tiyani Majoko

Tiyani Majoko
Talk Title
Blockchain, so what?


Tiyani is an attorney by profession and entrepreneur by purpose. She is the co-founder of Lawgistics Legal Consultants, a legal consultancy that committed to lead in innovation. In 2017 she was recognised by the Mail and Guardian as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans for her work in Law and Justice and is an alumnus of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for the 2017 year. She is a strategist, speaker, podcast host and story teller with great energy and excitement about the future of Africa..

Ideas Worth Spreading

The blockchain right now is what the internet was 20-25 years ago, - we aren't really sure of what it can do, so there is great speculation. I believe Africa is uniquely placed to take advantage and lead in this technology because we are not burdened by legacy issues of developed countries. The majority of the discussions with respect to the blockchain are centered around cryptocurrencies - yet there is so much more that it can do. In fact, I will not mention Bitcoin in my presentation but rather focus on the ledger and its current use cases in a simple and relatable way to ultimately invite us as a continent to be curious around the blockchain and what we can use it for in Africa.