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The Core Team.

Meet our regulars! Involved on an on-going basis, they give their time, creative input and skills towards all things TEDxPretoria.



Licensee &

Utility Member

"We live in a world where new ideas are needed to ward off stagnation. I desire to be a part of a community, city, and world where ideas are shared broadly and unselfishly."

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Communications Liaison

Creative Writing & Community Engagement

"I believe in the power of stories and bringing ideas to life. Copywriting for TEDxPretoria is a joy because this is where ideas and stories meet to make a great impact in the community. "



Graphic Design

"Nothing excites me more than creating beautiful designs that are also highly functional, and having the opportunity to do so, as well as contribute to bringing people and ideas together to better a community with the TEDxPretoria team is such a privilege."

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Thabo & Bianca 

Production  &

Speaker Coaching

Thabo and are podcast producers by day, they step out at night preying watch over lameness and ineffective storytelling. Equipped with little more than their arsenal of ideas, they see to it that mediocrity has no place in TEDxPretoria.



Strategic Marketing, Design and Website Management

As a marketer, my job is to make things look good. Which is a pretty easy job when the thing you are marketing is ideas that speak for themselves, backed by a firecracker team.

Vektor photo.jpeg

Pieter & Amy

Event Management

Vektor Productions is a South African production company built and engineered to broaden the diverse artistic landscape of our times. We support, facilitate, and enable artists and projects to expand the experience of the contemporary arts scene.

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Board Member, Organising Team Member & Strategic Planning

"Because everything begins with an idea, TEDx’s concept of 'Ideas Worth Spreading' resonates deeply with me! I love being a part of this dynamic team!"



Board Member &


"As an advisor you often come across different ideas that regularly challenge your own preconceived notions about how things should be done. I believe that it is a sign of strength to be able to identify on the best idea, or the best course of action even if it was not one of your own design. A platform such as TedxPretoria is necessary to enable those who are brave enough, to stand up and share their ideas, ideas that hopefully challenge the collective and dare them to think differently"

Previous Licensee 



Former TEDxPretoria Licensee

"TEDxPretoria was more than a project to me. It was almost like raising a child - we nurtured it from infancy, into the difficult toddler years, and finally saw it graduate to school and beyond. It made me realise the importance of collaboration and trust. It opened my eyes to the potential of people. I saw the brand walk, then crawl, then run - it wasn’t perfect, but we strived to continuously improve along every step of the way.

TED brand and what it stands for resonates deeply with me. ‘Ideas worth spreading’ has become part of my daily life and the way I teach and share. I share TED talks regularly and will continue to do so.

Seven events and more than 80 wonderful speakers and performers later, I can say in my heart that South Africa has so much to offer. So many talented scientists, humanitarians, doctors, entrepreneurs and performers live amongst us. There is so much talent yet to be uncovered on African soil. We have incredible people with the most unique and sometimes out of this world ideas! I’ve met so many profound people on my journey and got to work with the MOST FANTASTIC team of volunteers, many who stuck with me for +5 years."

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