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The Core Team.

Meet our regulars! Involved on an on-going basis, they give their time, creative input and skills towards all things TEDxPretoria.



Licensee 2023

My passion for entrepreneurs has led me to being a panelist for various pitching competitions. This passion fuels my interest in the power of ideas. One idea, if put into action, can lead to phenomenal success. TEDxPretoria is simply the spark, the possibility of ideas are endless and that is why I am part of it.

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Organising Team Member & Strategic Planning

"Because everything begins with an idea, TEDx’s concept of 'Ideas Worth Spreading' resonates deeply with me! I love being a part of this dynamic team!"

Vektor photo.jpeg

Pieter & Amy

Event Management

Vektor Productions is a South African production company built and engineered to broaden the diverse artistic landscape of our times. We support, facilitate, and enable artists and projects to expand the experience of the contemporary arts scene.



OTG Team Lead

I aim to effectively reach, engage and create transformative experiences that inspire and empower dynamic and forward-thinking approaches to the team. Equipped with a strong skill set in Public Relations, and Communications, I take great pleasure in planning, project management, coordination, and event organization, ensuring seamless execution. So excited to be a fit in the team. Go team TEDxPretoria!



Speaker Curation, Partnerships &

Utility Team Member

"We live in a world where new ideas are needed to ward off stagnation. I desire to be a part of a community, city, and world where ideas are shared widely and unselfishly."

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Communications Liaison

Creative Writing & Community Engagement

"I believe in the power of stories and bringing ideas to life. Copywriting for TEDxPretoria is a joy because this is where ideas and stories meet to make a great impact in the community. "




I'm an enthusiastic problem solver fueled by an insatiable passion for technology and innovation! With a solid engineering background and a knack for analytical thinking, I'm thrilled to be contributing to the TEDxPretoria team. It's an incredible opportunity to collaborate with brilliant minds and curate captivating talks that ignite inspiration and drive real-world impact

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Copywriting and Utility Team Member

I want to see Pretoria and South Africa thrive. We have all the resources to overcome our greatest challenges, but collaboration is essential. Being on the TEDxPretoria team is a great opportunity to help cultivate a space for fruitful dialogue and collaboration. I’m currently studying towards an LLB degree and have entrepreneurial experience in marketing, journalism, event production and retail.

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Thabo & Bianca 

Production  &

Speaker Coaching

Thabo and Bianca are podcast producers by day, they step out at night preying watch over lameness and ineffective storytelling. Equipped with little more than their arsenal of ideas, they see to it that mediocrity has no place in TEDxPretoria.



Strategic Marketing, Design and Website Management

As a marketer, my job is to make things look good. Which is a pretty easy job when the thing you are marketing is ideas that speak for themselves, backed by a firecracker team.



OTG Team Lead

I enjoy bringing people, projects and communities together. Bringing new concepts to life and being disruptive for the good of the earth is fulfilling to me. My goal is to see more communities flourish.

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Project Planning and Partnerships

I'm incredibly excited to lead project management and partnerships for TEDx Pretoria. One aspect that excites me is the opportunity to bring new partners on board to sponsor our growing event. Collaborating with innovative organizations and individuals who share our vision will not only provide essential resources but also create meaningful connections within the community. I look forward to engaging with potential sponsors, building relationships, and aligning our goals for a mutually beneficial collaboration. Together, we can amplify the impact of TEDx Pretoria, inspire attendees, and nurture a thriving community centered around innovation and shared ideas.

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