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Beautiful Chaos 

by TEDxPretoria
Atterbury Theatre
4 Daventry Street Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria 

Date & Time

Monday 4 Dec 2023  

13:30 - 18:00

R550 per person 


A Beautiful Chaos, celebrates the transformative power of chaos and the incredible outcomes that can emerge from it. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, chaos is inevitable, but by surrendering to it and embracing its unpredictability, we can uncover hidden opportunities, create innovative solutions, and find beauty amidst the disorder. We encourage everyone to celebrate the unexpected and appreciate the incredible surprises that chaos can bring.


Join us for an afternoon of inspiring talks where our diverse group of speakers will share their experiences and ideas that have been birthed from the chaos. They will demonstrate how embracing chaos, experimenting fearlessly, and learning from failures can lead to remarkable breakthroughs. By sharing their stories, they will help bridge the gap between the beauty and chaos that coexist in various aspects of life.

Event Location

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About the venue


This year, our event will be hosted at the Atterbury Theatre, nestled within the vibrant Lynnwood Bridge Retail Square. Attendees can start their afternoon with a coffee or lunch at one of the square's many restaurants before the event, and for those eager to network and discuss the afternoon's ideas, there are a range of restaurant locations for dinner afterward. In an effort to make this experience accessible to all, we've kept ticket prices low, with all food and beverage costs outside the theatre being the responsibility of attendees. 

Speaker  Lineup

04 12 23.png
Beautiful Chaos Social Media (14).png

Legal Expert Journalist

Beautiful Chaos Social Media (12).png

Karyn Maughan

Embracing adversity as a gift

Healthcare Solutions


TEDxPretoria Lizette Spanenberg.png

Lizette Spangenberg, PhD

Designing for the humans in healthcare

Ph.D. Candidate in Industrial

Sociology and Economics

TEDxPretoria James Maisiri.png

James Maisiri

From 14% average to a Ph.D.: Using artificial intelligence to bridge learning gaps in South Africa

Poet and Spoken

Word Artist

Beautiful Chaos Social Media (11).png

Accolade Motha

Orphans do age and become great

Founder and Social


TEDxPretoria Ntsiki Mkhize.png

Ntsiki Mkhize

Kasi Gold

Software Engineer

TEDxPretoria Nhlanhla Nkosi.png

Nhlanhla Nkosi

Flying a drone with bananas: How exploring random thoughts can aid self-improvement.


and Student

Beautiful Chaos Social Media (2).png

Khanyisile Mphahlani

A learner's framework for a teacher's impact


TEDxPretoria Maria Carpenter.png

Maria Carpenter

The medicine of chaos

Multi-Award-Winning Journalist and Best-Selling Author 

TEDxPretoria Bruce Whitfield

Bruce Whitfield

Thriving at the edge of chaos

Inclusion Advisor, Facilitator, Researcher and Strategist

Beautiful Chaos Social Media.png

Patrycja (Patty) Riera

Character: The starting point for inclusion

Behavioural Specialist and High Performance Coach

TEDxPretoria Brad Shorkend.png

Brad Shorkend

You're in the stress doom loop: Here's the escape plan



Kopano Jazz Collective

The language of our music: contextualising South African Jazz

Researcher, Data Scientist and Machine Learning Expert

TEDxPretoria Vukosi Marivate.png

Vukosi Marivate

AI as our mirror: Exploring ourselves through AI empowerment

Poet, Performer, Cultural

Curator and Strategist

TEDxPretoria MoAfrika.png

MoAfrika wa Mokgathi

Names fallen in the margins, then and now


TEDxPretoria Nathan van Vuuren.png

Nathan Vuuren

The creative power of the blank canvas

Yellow Owl SASL .png

This event will be SASL interpreted by Yellow Owl

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Event Schedule

Meet our event MC's


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Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

- Victor Hugo

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